Upgrade Your Bathroom With Essential Tips


Though you may notice visual details, think about functionality besides. Do not forget that all parts of the bathroom are equally important for comfort when using it, including a shower head. Our checklist includes seven essential upgrades that will rejuvenate your bathroom, including the bathtub. These accessories go a long way in ensuring that people don’t have to worry about this room anymore.

Toilet Seat Bumper Replacement:

While seeming simple, toilet seat bumpers are important in holding your seat at its position safely without causing it to shift uncomfortably during movement. With time, these toilet seat bumper replacements tend to wear out, causing instability.

Here is how to replace them:

Depending on the fasteners determined, use either a screwdriver or pliers to remove the former bumpers. Clean the area thoroughly to remove any remains. Press the new bumpers firmly into place, or attach them with screws if necessary. Check if the seat is stable and doesn’t move.

Toilet Seat Hinge Replacement:

It’s time for a replacement if your seat is broken or cracked. Here are simple steps for toilet seat hinge replacement of your old seat:

 Firstly,  you can unscrew the bolts holding the hinge to the toilet bowl. Secondly, be aware of how the old hinges were put on the bowl and remove them entirely. Thirdly, fix the new hinges following the guidelines given by the maker, ensuring they are well placed. Finally, install the hinges using the hardware provided and test whether the seat is smooth enough when opening or closing.

Toilet Tank Seal Replacement:

When there is, a leaking toilet tank seal replacement is the best option as it will save a lot of water from getting wasted. Changing that seal is very important to keep the toilet in good order. Here are steps you can take to replace it without any problems:

Please turn off the water supply to the toilet and flush the tank. Unscrew the pipes from the bottom of the tank and remove the lid that usually sits on top of it. Loosen the screws that connect the tank of the toilet with its bowl. The section above should be deleted last. Remove an old, worn-out rubber gasket, gently cleaning around.

Water Heater Replacement:

When your water heater is old or inefficient, purchasing a new one can be a great decision. The energy saved will help lower your utility bills. This post contains information meant to inform you more about water heater replacement: Select the correct water heater for your home and suitable for energy efficiency purposes. Switch off the electricity and water which goes to the present heater. Unplug the tank and disconnect all piping from it. Dismount the old heater gently and place a new one there. Join the pipes and currents according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Turn on the water supply and electricity, give it some time, and then try it out to see if it will give hot water.

Water Line Installation:

Installing a new appliance or replacing old water lines requires the proper installation. This prevents leaks while ensuring consistent water flow. Here are the steps to follow during water line installation:

Map your trip and verify the absence of any barriers within the path. Properly measure the pipe’s length and then cut it using a pipe cutter. Water line connection with an appliance such as a washing machine requires specific fixtures and accessories. Mount the water line employing clamps or straps. Turn the water on and check if there are any leaks; if so, then tighten further.


To sum up, buying essential replacements for your bathroom improves comfort, efficiency, and safety. All components, from lavatories to toilet seat bumpers, contribute in a major way towards maintaining a good-looking and usable bathroom at all times. In the long run, you are assured of having a refreshed bathroom experience if you keep on updating it frequently. With IRON HORSE MECHANICAL AND PLUMBING SERVICE, you need not worry about your plumbing installation and replacement. We are just one call away. Call us today for the best services.

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