Experience the Difference with Iron Horse Plumbing. Affordable, Amazing Results by Plumbing Experts.

We’re your local plumbing experts and always a phone call away, providing same day and emergency 24/7 repairs. Our service technicians provide quality workmanship you can trust. Iron Horse will always provide you with a fair price, honest answers, and skilled certified labor.

Iron Horse Plumbing provides full explanation of services necessary, and fees associated with them. We work hard to provide you savings of money and time. With Iron Horse, our high standards ensure top-notch customer service, and a fair honest quote every time.

New Build Pipe, Tub, & Fixture installation

Iron Horse handles new residential construction on a regular basis. Our co-owner Shawn Chaviers, also owns C&C Construction, and ensures the standards and quality far exceed the home builders expectations. Having construction experience on board, enables Iron Horse to go above and beyond in some cases right down to the tile installation.

Sewer Pumping Station Repair

Sewer Pumping stations are used to move waste water to higher elevations to allow transport by gravity. The sewage is fed into and stored in a sealed underground pit. When the level rises to a predetermined point, a pump starts to lift the sewage up through a pressurized pipe system to discharged into a gravity manhole for the cycle to continue again until reaching a treatment plant.

Commercial Sewer Line Pipe Replacement

These pipes were replaced due to grease collection in a commercial kitchen. Buildings with commercial kitchens need to ensure a working grease trap is in place, and not ineffective due to buildup. Without routine maintenance, this can create preventable and costly delays in a business operation. Iron Horse is able to install grease traps, clean or replace pipes, and perform routine maintenance to help provide longevity to your pipes.

Residential Slab Leak Repairs

Our certified plumbers have extensive comprehensive training and are technology enables us to target hidden underground leaks before they become a disaster. Iron Horse Plumbing is able to minimize damage, using advanced technology to determine the location underneath the slab of your home which can occur from cold or hot water lines and repair them fast. At times, the leak may even occur from your service line to the meter or pump to your home running under your yard, driveway or other exterior areas. Leaks can also occur within your walls and floors damaging basements and flooding crawl spaces if not detected and repaired in a professional timely manner.

ADA Compliance

ADA Compliance needs are another one of Iron Horse Specialties. We ensure the installations meet regulatory guidelines for our clients to prevent compliance infractions and create ease of use for public and private facilities for all. We also research to facilitate your construction design with the most logical and practical materials, based on the funding available and the needs of your facility.

Commercial Installations

When there is a need for multi-use facilities, such as this school locker room shower, Iron Horse can provide you with equipment that can endure the wear and tear of frequent use, and meet the scope and range any project. From basic layouts to elaborate upscale designs. Iron Horse has the experience you need to create the funcitionality you want in you commercial plumbing design and implementation.

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